Gabbani Logistic Services Co. Ltd. ( GLS )
    Is a pioneer company in providing a comperhensive Health Care and Telecom Services in the Territory of Sudan since the year 1965 .


     GLS is active throughout the entir Sudan through a network of sales distributors, the company has always handled professionally and succefully governmental and private tenders and projects .

     Our specialist sales group has grown to be recognized as a market leader in the distribution and supply of a wide range of medical equipments , telecom PABX and Micrwave links plus consumable and accessories .

      GLS has commenced a multi millions of Sudanese Dinars investment program to provide technical support to the Medical Centers , Hospitals , Ministries and all customers related to the poducts distributed by the company .

Radiation and isotope center

Installation of CT simulator,CO-60 machine, gamma camera ,URF system ,TPS & ultrasound.

Almawada medical center

Cath Lap

Philips International group of companies
( Philips Medical Systems b.v. . Philips Business Communications )


Elekta Oncology Systems Ltd


MDS Nordion


Wardray Premise


IBA Wellhofer


Kodak Health Imaging


Philips - Elekta Oncology - MDS Nordion - Wardray Premise - IBA Wellhofer - Kodak Health